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Rat Poison Symptoms - First Aid - About.com
Mar 7, 2014 ... ... in rats, mice, and other rodents. Touching rat poison is safe, but ingesting it can lead to bleeding. Learn symptoms and first aid for rat poison.
Pesticide Poisoning First Aid - About.com
Mar 7, 2014 ... First Aid and Symptoms of Pesticide Poisoning. By Rod Brouhard, EMT - P ... Rat poison is a pesticide with its own distinct pattern of symptoms.
Recognize and Avoid Salmonella Poisoning - First Aid - About.com
Dec 4, 2014 ... Salmonella infections account for approximately 600 deaths in the US each year. There are more than 40000 cases of Salmonella infection ...
Poisonous Plants for Puppies - First Aid Tips - About.com
The deadliest plants must be chewed or swallowed for the poison to work. Puppies are ... Different plant poisons require very specific first aid. Usually that will be ...
Puppies and Chocolate Poisoning (Signs and Treatment) - About.com
Poisoning Symptoms and First Aid for Chocolate Poisoning ... Chocolate poison ing usually happens around the holidays—Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas,  ...
7 Poisons for Puppies - Poison First Aid - Poison Symptoms
Find puppy and dog poisoning first aid help in these articles that describe what is ... Common plants also can poison puppies, and puppies often lap up toxic ...
Pet First Aid - Dog Home Remedies - Puppy Emergency Help
This section explains life saving emergency first aid to save your puppy's life, as well as home remedies for treating minor injuries or health issues yourself.
Dogs & Snake Bite - Pet 1st Aid - Poison Snake Bites in Puppies
Learn pet 1st aid for snake bite, a dog's snake bite symptoms and treatment, and to recognize poisonous snakes in this first aid article for puppies.
First Aid and Facts About Lionfish Stings for Divers - Scuba Diving
Lionfish have poisonous spines that can inject a powerful neurotoxin if touched. Learn about first aid and basic facts for lionfish stings.
Puppy & Antifreeze: Pets Poison Symptoms, 1st Aid, Treatment
Learn about ethylene glycol poison symptoms, how antifreeze poisons dogs, and first aid to save your puppy, and how to prevent antifreeze poisoning.
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