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Calling for Help 101 - First Aid - About.com
Calling 911 can be overwhelming. Use these tips during your emergency.
Calling for Help - First Aid - About.com
Getting help in an emergency may be as easy as dialing 9-1-1...or it may not. Learn how to summon emergency responders in any situation. Learn how 9-1-1 ...
You! Call 911! Using Bystanders to Get Help - First Aid - About.com
How much information does a bystander need to call 911 for you? Probably more than,
Calling 911 for Someone in Another State - First Aid - About.com
Feb 6, 2008 ... ... a family member in another state and he has a heart attack. Can you call 911? Who should you call to report the emergency and get him help?
When Should You Call 911? Expert First Aid Tips - About.com
Not sure when to call 911? These tips will help you understand when to call for an ambulance.
Reasons Not to Call 911 - First Aid - About.com
911 was created as a universal American emergency number to summon police, ambulance, or fire service help. According to The National Emergency Number ...
Before Calling 911 on a Cell Phone: What to Know
Mar 13, 2006 ... A call-taker in a far-away city or county may answer your call. To get help to you, there are two pieces of information the call-taker needs to ...
Call 911 Effectively - First Aid - About.com
Jan 23, 2014 ... 911 call-takers are trained to guide callers through the experience, but knowing what to expect can help make the 911 call go smoothly and get ...
A Call for Help — Spanish Grammar and Vocabular
Question and answer about workers calling for help.
Why Do Some People with Dementia Cry and Call Out?
Jul 30, 2013 ... You may have heard someone who has Alzheimer's disease or another dementia repeatedly call out, "Help me!" or break down into tears ...
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