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Teaching Kids First Aid and Safety - About.com
Jan 23, 2014 ... Teaching the kids about safety starts from the first time we tell them "no" as they're ... First Aid and Safety for All Ages from Toddlers to Teens.
Parent First Aid Skills - About.com
May 20, 2014 ... Parents need to know certain first aid skills. These are the first aid skills every parent needs to know as soon as they have kids.
Essential Babysitter First Aid and Emergency Skills - About.com
Mar 7, 2014 ... When your kids are in trouble and you're out of the house, your babysitter is the only lifeline they'll have. Before you leave your kids with her, ...
First Aid for Children - Pediatrics - About.com
Learning basic first aid techniques, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the Heimlich Maneuver can help to save your child's life in an emergency.
First Aid for Children Quiz - Pediatrics - About.com
A quiz to test your knowledge of what to do if your child gets hurt or need first aid.
How to Teach Kids to Call 911 - First Aid - About.com
Mar 7, 2014 ... Teaching kids to call 911 is similar to teaching adults. The basic tenets are the same: Know when to call, make sure the call-taker knows where ...
Teaching CPR to Kids - First Aid - About.com
Mar 7, 2014 ... A study by physicians in the UK suggests that while kids are capable of learning proper CPR steps in very early years, they don't have the ...
2010 Child CPR Steps - First Aid - About.com
Jun 17, 2014 ... Gently tap or shake the child's shoulders and call out his or her name in a loud voice. Don't hurt the child, but be aggressive -- you're trying to ...
Cooking Safety with Kids - First Aid - About.com
Mar 7, 2014 ... If each kid has a clear understanding of his or her role, tasks in the kitchen can get done quicker and you may even find yourself appreciating ...
Pediatric Sunburn Symptoms and Treatment - About.com
Jul 16, 2014 ... Learn how to recognize and treat your child's sunburn. ... Typical treatments or first aid for sunburns can include: giving your child extra fluids so ...
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