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First Aid Pictures and Videos - About.com
Our ever-growing collection of first aid videos is meant to help you learn techniques and better understand how injuries happen. There are also tips on planning ...
Basic First Aid Quiz - About.com
Try your hand at this quiz on basic first aid topics. ... See How Much Basic First Aid Information You Know. Sorry, but this ... rescuer safety · first aid techniques.
Everyday First Aid - Quick List of Basic First Aid - About.com
There are two types of first aid -- emergencies that require quick action to save lives and minor injuries or illnesses that can often be handled at home without ...
First Aid for Children - Pediatrics - About.com
Learning basic first aid techniques, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the Heimlich Maneuver can help to save your child's life in an emergency.
First Aid Burn Quiz
Take a quiz to test your knowledge on burns and burn first aid.
First Aid for Children Quiz - Pediatrics - About.com
A quiz to test your knowledge of what to do if your child gets hurt or need first aid.
First Aid for Common Emergencies - Pediatrics - About.com
Dec 30, 2014 ... Learn first aid for common emergencies to be prepared if your kids are injured, including learning CPR, knowing what to do if your child is ...
Sports Injury First Aid and Immediate Care
Dec 15, 2014 ... First aid treatment tips for dealing with a sports injury on the spot.
12 First Aid Skills Every Parent Needs to Know - About.com
Dec 8, 2014 ... Whether your children are 20 days, 20 months or 20 years old, these first aid skills are a must for you to know. Besides these first aid skills, you ...
Myths of First Aid - About.com
Dec 30, 2014 ... It's time to dispel some of the most common myths in first aid lore. Read on to see the worst first aid ideas, demystified with the correct response ...
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