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How To Put Out a Grease Fire in the Kitchen - First Aid - About.com
May 19, 2014 ... Grease fires are extremely dangerous because the fuel source (the grease) is a liquid, and easily splashed. Grease fire burn very hot and can ...
Coal Fires - Mining - About.com
The term "Coal fire" refers to a burning or smoldering coal seam, coal storage pile or coal waste pile. Two major causes have been identified for coal fires:.
Forest Fires - Impact and Information - US Government - About.com
While we hear all about the big fires, consider that on any given fire season day, Forest Service firefighters battle up to 200 wildland fires nationwide. What do ...
Wildland Fire - An Overview of Wildland Fires
An overview of wildland fires, the fire triangle, and human impacts on wildland fires, from the About.com expert Geography GuideSite.
Causes of Forest Fires - How Wildfires Start - Forestry - About.com
Here is a history of natural wildfire's beginning and chemistry necessary for combustion. Included are the common causes of forest fires and how they spread .
Information and Updates on Wildfires in Arizona - Phoenix - About.com
Aug 9, 2014 ... This list is not intended to cover every wildfire in Arizona, but I will provide some general information and major updates to those major fires ...
Prescribed Fires and Controlled Burns - Forestry - About.com
An appropriately "controlled" burn would reduce fuels that fed dangerous fires and assure that the next fire season would not bring destructive, property ...
Top 5 Coal Fires Hotspots - Mining - About.com
As already mentioned in a previous article, there are eight to ten regions on earth where significant coal and peat fires can be found. Here are the top 5 most ...
Prevent Deadly Laundry Room Fires (Causes & Tips)
While cooking remains the leading cause of house fires, laundry room fires account for an average of 15,000 fires each year in the United States according to the ...
Causes of House Fires - Home Security - About.com
Fire is unpredictable, spreads in seconds and can decimate a home within minutes. House fires endanger everyone in the home, and even small fires that are ...
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