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How To Put Out a Grease Fire in the Kitchen - First Aid - About.com
May 19, 2014 ... Grease fires happen when collections of oil or grease on a stove, oven or fryer get hot enough to ignite. Grease fires are extremely dangerous ...
Burns and Fire Safety - First Aid - About.com
Burns and Fire Safety. Burns are the most common injuries researched on About. com First Aid. Here are resources for assessing and treating burns. Learn how ...
Preventing Fires Caused by Spontaneous Combustion - Garages
Tips on understanding how spontaneous combustion fires occur and how to prevent them.
Prescribed Fires and Controlled Burns - Forestry - About.com
Ways to prescribe fire for control, safety and to improve the forest habitat and a prescription for prevention of wildfire.
Discovery of Fire - When was Fire First Controlled - About Archaeology
The controlled use of fire was likely an invention of our ancestor Homo erectus, during the Early Stone Age (or Lower Paleolithic). The earliest evidence for fire ...
Causes of Forest Fires - How Wildfires Start - Forestry - About.com
Here is a history of natural wildfire's beginning and chemistry necessary for combustion. Included are the common causes of forest fires and how they spread .
Top Dangerous Coal Fire Hotspots in the World - Mining - About.com
As already mentioned in a previous article, there are eight to ten regions on earth where significant coal and peat fires can be found. Here are the top 5 most ...
Coal Fires - Mining - About.com
The term "Coal fire" refers to a burning or smoldering coal seam, coal storage pile or coal waste pile. Two major causes have been identified for coal fires:.
Fire: A Burning Issue - Forestry
Why foresters have to use fire to prevent fires and resulting damage.
Static Electricity Causes Gas Pump Fires [Analysis] - Urban Legends
Mar 10, 2010 ... Analysis of email rumor concerning gas station fires caused by static electricity.
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