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How To Put Out a Grease Fire in the Kitchen - First Aid - About.com
May 19, 2014 ... Grease fires happen when collections of oil or grease on a stove, oven or fryer get hot enough to ignite. Grease fires are extremely dangerous ...
Coal Fires - Mining - About.com
Coal Fires: The Major Geological Risk Of The Century?
Top Dangerous Coal Fire Hotspots in the World - Mining - About.com
This ranking is based on the size, potential expansion and related damages and hazards amplitude attached to the fires of a considered country. The most ...
Prescribed Fires and Controlled Burns
The very foundation of fire ecology is the premise that wildland fire is neither innately destructive nor in the best interest of every forest. Fire causes change and ...
Culm Fire in Coal Country - Geology - About.com
Culm fires may ignite the coal beds themselves. In that case the outlook is even worse. The notorious coalbed fire at Centralia, Pennsylvania, began in 1962 and  ...
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, 1911
A fire at the Triangle Waist Company factory in New York City killed 146 workers. The large number of deaths exposed the dangerous conditions in high-rise ...
Causes of Forest Fires - How Wildfires Start
Here is a history of natural wildfire's beginning and chemistry necessary for combustion. Included are the common causes of forest fires and how they spread .
China: Number 1 Coal Fire Hotspot - Mining - About.com
There are eight to ten regions on earth where significant coal and peat fires can be found. China is definitely number 1. This ranking has been based on the size,  ...
Forest Fire History, Basics, and Behavior
A brief history of forest fires, the basics of forest fire management and control and forest fire behavior.
How to Make Colored Fire - Chemistry - About.com
These are instructions for making colored fire in all the colors of the rainbow. I also have a video of a colored fire rainbow, so you can see the effect of using ...
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