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Causes of Fainting: Reasons Why We Pass Out - First Aid - About.com
Fainting (syncope) is a sudden loss of consciousness from a lack of blood flow to the brain. Here are the reasons we pass out.
Fainting Symptoms - First Aid - About.com
Fainting (syncope) is a sudden loss of consciousness from a lack of blood flow to the brain. Victims usually wake up quickly after collapsing. Although fainting is ...
Preventing Fainting - First Aid - About.com
May 19, 2014 ... The best way to avoid fainting is to lie down when the symptoms start. Victims can prevent fainting by learning to recognize fainting.
Fainting Treatment - First Aid - About.com
All by itself, fainting is not life-threatening. However, sudden cardiac arrest looks a lot like fainting and requires immediate treatment. Whenever you see ...
Fainting in Pregnancy (Feeling Light Headed and Passing Out)
Sometimes in pregnancy you may have a tendency to feel light headed or faint, you might even pass out. Many times this can be a normal occurrence - find out ...
Why Would Opiate Medications Cause Fainting?
Sep 3, 2013 ... The mechanisms and side effects of opiate medications are still not completely understood. A reader asks why her husband passes out when ...
syncope (fainting) - Heart Disease - About.com
fainting when I turn my head: cervical spondylosis vascular occlusion vascular problem drrich heartdisease.
Vasovagal or Cardioneurogenic Syncope - Heart Disease - About.com
While doctors often refer to it as a "simple fainting spell," the mechanism of vasovagal syncope actually is not particularly simple. In fact, many doctors seem not ...
IBS Attacks and Vasovagal Symptoms - Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
I never fully connected my "history of fainting" with the IBS, probably because they seemed to happen separately, until a couple of years ago. I started to get ...
Syncope (fainting) - Heart Disease - About.com
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