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Resources for Emergency Medical Service Professionals - First Aid
Emergency Medical Service is an exciting and fulfilling career. Here are resources for current and aspiring first responders, emergency medical technicians, and ...
The Difference Between an EMT and a Paramedic
Jun 25, 2014 ... The most common certification in emergency medical services is the emergency medical technician (EMT). There are two levels of certification ...
Definition of Emergency Medical Services - First Aid - About.com
Oct 6, 2012 ... Any part of a system designed to respond to medical emergencies and provide prehospital or in-hospital treatment. Often refers to ambulances ...
Emergency Medical Services - Health Careers - About.com
Emergency medical services includes careers such as paramedic, EMT ( emergency medical technician), also known as first responders. Emergency medical ...
Emergency Medical Services Jobs
Rod Brouhard is a paramedic, journalist, educator, advocate for emergency medical service providers and patients, and the About.com Guide to First Aid.
Glossary of First Aid Terms - Emergency Medical Service Terminology
Emergency medical service has its own unique terminology. Here is a glossary of terms.
Career Profile: Air Force Aerospace Medical Services
Their career track is an umbrella for numerous duty specializations that run the gamut of medical service from emergency medical technician to licensed ...
Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act
There is a federal law that prohibits hospitals from not accepting someone in need of emergency services just becasue they don't have insurance.
EMT and Paramedic Career Information
An EMT (short for Emergency Medical Technician) or paramedic is trained to ... manager, administrative director or executive director of emergency services.
National Emergency Medical Services Week - Clip Art - About.com
Emergency vehicle clip art with titles for National Emergency Medical Services Week.
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