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Concussions - First Aid for Concussions - About.com
Concussions are the most common type of traumatic brain injury. Learn how to recognize the symptoms of concussions and how to treat concussions.
Signs and Symptoms of a Concussion - First Aid - About.com
May 16, 2014 ... Concussion symptoms range from obvious to very subtle. It pays to have someone specifically trained in recognizing concussions to evaluate ...
Immediate Concussion Treatment - First Aid - About.com
Nov 11, 2010 ... Concussion treatment on the sidelines is limited. Learn how to recognize and treat concussions, and how to recognize more severe traumatic ...
Concussions And Diving - What To Do If You Suspect A Concussion ...
While concussions do not occur that often in diving, it is important to understand the signs and symptoms of a concussion, and what to do if you suspect that a ...
About Concussions - Teens - About.com
Both of these types of incidents can cause a concussion. Concussions are a frequent cause for hospital admission, with an estimate of more than 600,000 cases ...
Preventing Alzheimer's: Can Concussions Cause Dementia?
Aug 17, 2014 ... Is that bump on the head a cause for concern in the future, or just a momentary headache? Here's what research says about concussions and ...
Symptoms of a Concussion - Pediatrics - About.com
Sep 25, 2005 ... Review the symptoms of a concussion, a type of brain injury that sometimes occurs during many high school sports, including baseball, ...
Concussions in Figure Skating - About.com
Figure skating is a dangerous sport. When a skater hits his or her head while skating, there is a possibility of a concussion. Parents, coaches, and skaters should ...
Medical Definition of Concussion - First Aid - About.com
Oct 6, 2012 ... Concussions are common in combat operations, and more information about the consequences of concussions and multiple concussions is ...
What Are the Danger Signs of a Concussion? - First Aid - About.com
May 19, 2014 ... And concussions, we were told, were no big deal. Concussions were the head injury equivalent of a near-miss. Today we know that belief is ...
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