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Determining the Severity of a Burn - Burn Guide - First Aid - About.com
There are several factors used to determine if a burn is critical enough to necessitate a specialty burn center. Any burn that matches the criteria warrants a call to ...
Burned Skin Surface Area - Rule of Nines Calculation - First Aid
Measuring the size of a burn is difficult because every person is different in size, shape and weight. A square foot of burned surface area is much worse to a person who weighs ... Assessing Burns · How to Treat a Burn · Sunburn Trea...
Degrees of Burns - First Aid - About.com
Determining the severity of a burn includes establishing how deep the ... all burns that are bad enough to form blisters - or worse - when assessing burn severity.
Job Burnout Risk Assessment Quiz - Stress Management - About.com
This job burnout self test is designed to analyze features of your job that may put you at a greater risk of job burnout, and assess your emotional state and ...
First Aid for Burns - About.com
Burn first aid is one of the most common types of first aid done at home. Knowing how to treat ... Assessment and Treatment of Burns. By Rod Brouhard, EMT - P.
Hot Tea Burn - Submit an Entry: Pictures of Injuries and Burns
Feb 26, 2012 ... 2nd degree burn ... the right things but because of the location and degree of burn I should see a doctor. ... burn assessment · reader responses.
Friction Burn of the Hand - First Aid - About.com
Friction Burn of the Hand ... 3rd degree burn on the palm of my left hand, up my ring finger, little finger, and the side of my ... burn assessment · reader responses.
Hot Wax Burn - Submit an Entry: Pictures of Injuries and Burns
my hand got burn with hot wax in the microave and went right away in the doctor and didn't prescrime me any ... burn assessment · burn first aid · burn pictures.
Is Metabolic Testing Helpful for Weight Loss? - About.com Weight Loss
Metabolic tests measure the rate at which your body burns calories during different activities. During a typical assessment at your health club, a trainer will ...
Burned by a Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe - First Aid - About.com
Feb 27, 2011 ... Burned by a Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe. Submit ... I had never experienced a burn and would like to share and ... burn first aid · burn assessment.
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