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How to Stop Bleeding: Direct Pressure - First Aid - About.com
Jun 21, 2014 ... Regardless how severe, all bleeding can be controlled. If left uncontrolled, bleeding may lead to shock or even death. Most bleeding can be ...
How to Stop Bleeding: Tourniquets - First Aid - About.com
Jun 21, 2014 ... Using a tourniquet to stop bleeding has the potential to damage the entire arm or leg. Patients have been known to lose limbs from the use of ...
How to Stop Bleeding: Elevation - First Aid - About.com
Jun 21, 2014 ... While holding pressure on a bleeding wound, the next step is to elevate.
Bleed (What It Is and How To Use It In Graphic Design)
When any image or element on a page touches the edge of the page, extending beyond the trim edge, leaving no margin it is said to bleed. It may bleed or ...
Top 8 Causes of Vaginal Bleeding After Sex - Women's Health
Aug 14, 2014 ... Vaginal bleeding after sex is a frightening end to what should be a pleasant experience. Learn about the most common causes of vaginal ...
I'm Bleeding Between Periods - Should I See My Doctor?
Aug 29, 2014 ... Learn what questions your need to be prepared to answer when you see your doctor for bleeding between periods.
What Is Implantation Bleeding or Spotting in Pregnancy?
May 16, 2014 ... Implantation bleeding, or implantation spotting, is a small amount of vaginal bleeding that may occur about 10 days after conception.
What is Post-Coital Bleeding? - Menstrual Disorders - About.com
Jul 17, 2014 ... Post-Coital bleeding, also known as spotting after sex, is a type of non-menstrual bleeding that occurs after sexual intercourse.
Help for Depo Bleeding - Contraception - About.com
Jul 2, 2014 ... Depo Provera is a popular prescription birth control method. Unscheduled or continous depo bleeding leads many women stop using Depo ...
Bleeding During Sex - Women's Health - About.com
Vaginal bleeding during sexual intercourse can occur for a variety of reasons. Conditions of the vagina, cervix, or uterus may cause vaginal bleeding during sex  ...
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