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Rate Your First Aid Kit


Tell Us About Your Favorite -- or Not So Favorite -- First Aid Kit

What do you keep in your medicine cabinet? How about your glove compartment or desk?

There are thousands of first aid kits on the market. Each kit mostly contains the same type of supplies, but quality varies wildly. Some first aid kits are used for minor boo-boos at home, while others are aimed for the adventure traveler.

Tell us about the first aid kit you keep. Have you used it? Are you happy with it? Can you get replacement supplies?

Once you've submitted your review, look for it on the First Aid Kit Review Page. You will not receive confirmation of your submission or whether or not it was posted.

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How did you find out about this first aid kit?

Describe the first aid kit and contents:

Pros - what is good about this firs aid kit?

Cons - what is bad about this first aid kit?

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