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Rod Brouhard, EMT – P

Assisted Living Facilities

By August 1, 2013

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There was an expose aired this week by the PBS show Frontline. It dealt with assisted living facilities, those poorly defined senior care homes that are more than apartments but less than skilled nursing care.

Frontline's message? They're dangerous.

I think the take-away from something like this is that the only person who really focuses on your health and safety is you. After that, your family. No matter how much you pay a caregiver to look after you, it's always going to be nothing more than a job.

Conrad Murray was reportedly paid a lot of money to take care of Michael Jackson, and we saw how that turned out. Even in my professional life I can tell you that although I have compassion for my patients, they are not my family. There is a line between work and home, regardless how many zeros are on the check.

Take your own health in your own hands. Seniors are savvy folks who didn't get to be seniors by being stupid. Make sure you know what you're getting for your money. Not every facility is created equal. In March of this year at an assisted living center like those that Frontline was profiling, a person identifying herself as a nurse refused to perform CPR on a dying woman. The thing is, she didn't have to.

Watch the expose and good luck.

August 12, 2013 at 4:49 pm
(1) Dorothy Huckle says:

I worked at an Assisted Living Home and it was a very caring place. Maybe people should realize it isn’t a nursing home. It’s a place to be with others that can do for themselves but may need some help. There are nurses aides and CNA’s that also come in. There was a night watchman that lived on the premesis and helped them if they needed it at night.

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