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Rod Brouhard, EMT  P

How Cold is Too Cold?

By December 19, 2012

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My in-laws live in Canada. I only visit them in the summer. Canadian winters are just too cold.

Frostbitten Cheeks

This snowmobile rider from inside the Arctic Circle froze his cheeks.


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It only takes a few degrees below freezing to put you at serious risk for frostbite and it can be a lot warmer than that to get hypothermia. Indeed, here in sunny California we still treat hypothermia on a pretty regular basis.

I get a lot of frostbite pictures from folks around the world and some of them are pretty horrendous. One of the worst is from a poor soul in Colorado who literally froze his toes off (warning: very graphic).

Frostbite is bad, but hypothermia can kill you. It's important as we head into January that you know the signs of hypothermia and learn to avoid it.

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January 5, 2012 at 5:37 pm
(1) Tim Nahm says:

This is a great article for the winter season we’re in. It sounds like frostbite can happen in some cases without extremely cold temperatures. I loved your links to the treatment pages but could you give me some more information about the symptoms or even combating frostbite if you happen to be in a very cold situation. I think we could all benefit from that. Thanks for the great article.

January 31, 2012 at 12:38 pm
(2) Nattaphon says:

One of the best bits of avcide i was ever given was to ‘layer up’ or wear lots of thin layers as that way you trap more insulating air and also can strip off easier and control body temp. try it.

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