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Rod Brouhard, EMT  P

Genital Injuries

By November 7, 2012

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A study published Monday in The Journal of Urology looked at the incidence of genital injuries that are seen in the emergency department. After more than 20 years in the back of an ambulance, I can tell you it happens a lot.

Most of the injuries in the study came from everyday stuff; bicycles, furniture and clothing were the most common. I've certainly seen those everyday items taking their toll on the nether regions. In my first couple of years in the business I took care of a patient who impaled himself on a broomstick quite by accident. It entered his body through the scrotum.

Not every injury is completely innocent, however. Sometimes the injury is of the genitals because the genitals were the focus of the moment.

I once responded (while working with my wife) to a man complaining of pain in his groin. He claimed he'd pulled out some pubic hair and that's why he wanted to go to the ER. Only, he was walking funny. It seemed a bit odd that a few plucked hairs would cause such great discomfort.

My wife -- consummate EMT and quite the trooper -- visualized the injury. Good thing she did, because the man had an enormously swollen penis from the ring around its base. It seems once the ring was on, it refused to come off.

The emergency department staff wasted no time in removing the offending ring. Amazingly, the swelling subsided within minutes.

Read about bedroom mishaps as our Guide to Sexuality, Cory Silverberg, discusses Sex Toy Injuries.

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